That music impacts your emotion is not news. But what was once aural conjecture is now approaching the scientifically-sound-" experts in behavioral endocrinology and neuroendocrinology have found that musical stimulation (listening) affects various biochemical substance[s]." As you probably know, chemicals play large role in your mood-specifically, the chemical messengers in the brain called neurotransmitters.

Drugs in the Rave Culture are an inevitable issue. Especially in today's society of open acceptance and searching for ourselves and the meaning to our lives, in the name of living while you can. " As a drug addict from 14 years old, I wish i could turn back time, or there were resources I had known about, when i struggled with addiction", says Courtney, Founder of the Hush Community. As a recovering heroin addict she can understand the troubles of not only trying to stay sober, but understand and no how to say, enough is enough. "I've watched 3/4 my friends die of drug overdoses, had a Father who struggled with alcoholism and has seen it all". Not everyone has a support system an escape or knows where to start, in getting help for drug addiction. As part of our mantra here at Hush, we want to help a culture and generation of people, know there's more to life than addiction. We want to show you, there's a replacement for the reward system in the brain, for those who want to deal with these addiction triggers and cravings. Also we want to point others who are in the shoes where we once stood, into the right direction. It's ok to ask for help! It's confidential by law everywhere. No matter your age. Life's short and we're severely lacking bright and focused people to lead our future generations. If you have a problem with addiction or know someone who does, please reach out. Don't wait until you lose them. #HushMXD, is about replacing the addiction triggers with music and helping light the way to a clean and positive way of life.
On the path to trying to recreate our future without drug addiction controlling it, can be hard. No one can tell you your own path. Threats, consequenses and harsh punishments, will NEVER help an addict. Addiction is a disease and a LIFE LONG struggle. An addict needs to stop on thier own recourse. They need a good support network of clean friends, and help when and if they need it. They also need a replace meant for their drug of choice. They call this phenomenon, cross-addicting. This is a method an addict needs to fill the reward reponse in the brain, from using the drug. It NEEDS to be replaced with a more positive "addiction." Most addicts are this way do to geaneology and a notion called the THIQ Factor. Those who know loved ones struggling with addiction, must understand, these people are legitimately ill. Just as with any illness, treatment, medication and support is vital to a positive and drug-free life of a recovering addict. Never condemn someone who's not you, for their choices. Almost all of the time the addiction controls the behavior and can make a genuinely good-hearted person, do wrong.  If you or someone you know needs help, please utilize these resources below, or fill out a "Life Saver Form", below. We're here to help. We know the struggle and want the best for everyone, in this situation. Research and understand what your loved ones are truly dealing with and love unconditionally.

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