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In the long run HushFm will be a non-profit radio catered to help those in need to restablish or be introduced to the music industry. Those in a financially inept position who have promising talent will be given grants. This will allow them to have access to a facility provided by HushFm and its Partners where they can take advantage of many services.

These services will include studio time to record,rehearse, stream or be taught the neccesities needed in the modern industry of music. We also will offer lessons to those in need on a variety of intraments, equitment and technical education and support on production and performing.

This will be all a part of our Save The Music initiative to help those who want to return to making music but lack the knowledge of modern ways as well as teach new individuals that music is vital in our society and also show them a way and give those an outlet for a positive and rewarding life.

If you wish to be a HushFm Save the Music Partner, Inquire by filling out the form on this page and and a proposal will be presented for further discussion. One love in Music.

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