Deeb is a Drum & Bass dignitary of the Midwest. Based out of Chicago, USA; he brings an unmatched individuality to the game, from his diverse taste in all styles of DnB, HipHop and Bass music.  This creative flair, attention to sick beats, goosebump giving vocal riffs, coupled with his attention grabbing mic skills makes his presence on the airwaves phenomenal. Hes a well known fixture in the Stateside DnB Massive and always has a fresh take and new style he brings to the table each and every time! "I write about jungle drum and bass tunes and mixes for an internet magazine called Best Drum And Bass. " I make the occasional remix and dj jungle drum and bass music. I manage and host internet radio programs with the non-profit organization, Hush.FM as well as run sales and design on their clothes. Partnered with some of the best outlets in drum and bass music." -Deeb

Dj-Drum and Bass HUSH Management/ Founder-HUSH Foundation Columnist @ BEST DNB - Chicago,USA

Live Mondays & Fridays