Live Friday Nights

Dynamik, hailing from East Sussex, UK; has plenty of expirience in the game. Dynamik spent the first 8-9 years of his DJ career, teaching young under privileged youth in his local area how to DJ and produce music. He worked in tandem with a respond academy and spent years building it from a youth group in to a fully working school/academy for kids that cannot participate in a main stream school environment. With about 15 years behind the decks, he's well versed in what the crowd wants to hear. Specializing in Drum and Bass, Dynamik also has dabbled in many other genres. His eclectic flair and diversity, makes him a one of a kind addition to the music world. Mixing Hip-Hop, Garage, Bassline and more, he's no stranger to a filthy beat. Ever evolving, he's been making waves in his area in the DnB community, with an array of new opportunities on his horizon. Not only is he a full time Hush resident, he's also a  bk2drumz resident, as well.

Dj- DnB/Hip-Hop/Open Format- East Sussex, UK