Legend B2B Steve VC's Live Shows on HushFm 

Steve is stright from the oldskool. He's been in the game for many years and commands respect from his peers in fans. His presence on deck is energizing and his Mic skills can uplift the mood in any setting. He's been apart of some of the greatest events including FSTVL as a headlining act. He's family with some of the greats in both Drum and Bass and House. Playing B2B with Dj Legend, these two are back again to rock the airwaves and reunite in love and bass with the Hush Crew. He's an International Phenomenon bringing his energetic unified vibe across the globe! 

 In 1992, the Rave scene in the UK was booming, and although he had started dj’ ing Hip Hop at the age of 15 which lead to hip house, what was to follow just blew his mind – UK hardcore music. From that year until the present day, DJ Legend has spread his love of Hardcore, Jungle and Drum and Bass music up and down the UK and also abroad playing gigs @ the warehouse Hawaii, Los Angeles, Rhode island, Denmark and Germany! These days DJ Legend is getting more involved with the production scene and sees this as his next avenue to conquer!

Dj/Producer- Drum and Bass-Jungle


Barking and Dagenham, Uk

Dj- Drum and Bass-Jungle-House London,UK

DJ Legend


Steve VC