Persephone grew up in the industrial sounds of Milwaukee Wisconsin, coupled with some of the greats out of the Chicago scene including the Late Franky Fingers and Bad Boy Bill. She started out as a child playing a Muppet Babies keyboard mixing with animal sounds to make a composition of her own, performing in front of neighbor kids with her friends. She started orchestra at the age of 6 playing the violin, viola and cello. She taught herself the piano and guitar by ear. She's won awards for her music Nationwide as well as performed for some of the most important Government officials in her State. She composes music to have an eclectic mix of different genres to create her own style. "All my music speaks to my soul, and therefore spreads to influence others to feel the emotion i feel when i'm on the decks". She is quite eclectic and has a sound that is not categorized by one genre. Music is an expression of the soul and your journey in life". She is classically trained with over 25 yrs experience in music. She has been a Dj for 17 years and in radio for over a decade. She can mix and produce on any and all platforms and setups, and is a well established turntablist in the Greater Chicago Area. She is the Owner and Founder of HushFm Radio and Hush Digital Records. All her mixes are recorded live and unrehearsed on different mediums from Vinyl to Cdj's. She's been A Dj and Producer for 17yrs as well as mixes and produces ALL genres of electronic music specializing in Drum And Bass. She has done Live shows on many stations Including, WILD 94.1, ALLFM Manchester, BASSPORT and DUBPLATE FM She has Releases on - Hush Digital, Freshport Music, Have a Nice Day Rec., and Syndikick Records.. Look for more on Beatport. She is currently enrolled at FullSail University, for her Bachelors in Audio Production.